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My Philosophy

I will feel irresponsible and guilty if I remain silent in front of the misery of human beings, misery often provoked by men. We live in an egotistical world. Selfishness reigns as an absolute master. Everyone wants everything for himself alone. The world is ruled by the law of “everything for me and nothing for others.” Justice seems to have left this world. Justice seems to be for the rich and injustice for the poor. The perversion of morals is at its paroxysmal point. Intolerance and Violence are parts of our daily lives. Instead of decreasing, racism is progressing worryingly. Men move away from men and have no more love for others. This lack of love leads to hatred, jealousy, and crimes of all kinds. To face this collapsing world, I find myself obliged to write or sing. When I write or when I sing, it is in the attempt to return Africa to Africa and the world to the world. I do not point my finger at a man, but at the evil hidden in him, in view of creating a Man. I believe that a positive action, however small, taken by everyone at his level can create a new world; a world in which the color of the skin no longer matters, but the intrinsic value of men; A world in which divisions give way to unity and harmony between men.
Professor Ouele


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